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BWE15_hiresProlific sex writer and blogger Violet Blue has been editing Best Women’s Erotica for almost 10 years, since 2006. Providing us with plenty of sexy stories over the years ranging from vanilla to kinky with something for just about everyone in between to enjoy.

The new year brings the latest edition and we can’t wait to share it with you! We have the pleasure of offering up a special copy of Best Women’s Erotica 2015 for a giveaway right here.

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From “Postcards From Paris” by Giselle Renarde, part of the anthology Best Women’s Erotica 2015 edited by Violet Blue

“Postcards?” Emily said. “That’s it?”

“These ones are special.” Yannik spread them across the table. “They’re roughly turn-of-the-century.”

Emily glanced around the dining room to make sure nobody else could see. The postcards were very naughty: saucy ladies, naked or half-dressed, lesbian spankings and threesomes…

“Would you look at this one!” Hunter pointed to a nude with a particularly full bush. “You don’t see that anymore.”

“No indeed,” Yannik agreed. “They’re all like that, to some degree. A nice natural bush on a nude marked the photograph as erotic.”

“Really?” Emily picked up the card Hunter had been drawn to. How could anyone be so hairy?

“Well, think about Old Master paintings,” Yannik said. “You don’t see pubic hair in classical art pieces. Pussies are kind of…whitewashed, I guess. The big, full bushes set these postcards apart from high art. A hairy pussy was meant to titillate.”

Emily cringed at the thought of having that much hair inside her panties. “I don’t know about that. I like a shaved pussy.”

“Yes, we’ve noticed,” Yannik said, looking at Hunter as though they were conspiring in some way. “I think we’d both like to see you…au naturel.”

The waiter came by to fill their water glasses and Emily blushed like he could see through her clothes. The boys didn’t seem ashamed in the least. They didn’t even pack up the postcards.

When the waiter went away, Emily asked, “You’re going to take away my razor, aren’t you?”

“The moment we get home,” Hunter said as Yannik kissed her cheek…

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