Erotication is the mother company of the revolutionary sex and kink education websites PassionateU.com and KinkAcademy.com. For years these two sites have been bringing the top presenters from around the world to the web through videos. Their work is valuable and has helped thousands of viewers have better sex and improved relationships. The Sex Book of the Month site is continuing this work with another kind of educator: the writers.

We want to help promote innovative, educational, entertaining, and sexy books.

The easiest way to do that is simply to give books away! We’ll be giving away a book every month to some fortunate soul. Some of these will be fiction such as Graydancer’s erotic thriller Kumir – and others will be non-fiction, such as the anthology Rope, Bondage, and Power edited by Lee Harrington. We’ll have books on relationships like 8 Ways to Kick Poly Drama in the Ass by popular podcaster and presenter Cunning Minx and books on just plain sex such as Dr. Charlie Glickman’s Ultimate Guide to Anal Pleasure.

We’re also open to suggestions of books you’d like us to feature in our giveaways, and will let you know if we hear about any others. Of course we’ll be reviewing books too, and if you find something you especially like you can tell us what you think is worth reading and why.

Reading is only half the equation, though. Erotication also wants to support more quality writing about sex and kink, so we will provide resources for writers as well. We encourage authors to submit excerpts (whether finished or draft) to showcase their work (and works-in-progress). We’ll be keeping tabs on sites like Cleis Press and editors like Alison Tyler and Rachel Kramer Bussel so that when they make calls for submissions you’ll find it here.

Best of all, the content on Sex Book of the Month will be free. Sure, Erotication would love to have you visit the Kink Academy and PassionateU to purchase a pack of videos or a membership – but the content and membership here will be free.

Are you a fan? A publisher? A writer? Let us know how we can make the site even more useful to you, or just let us know what you’re reading or writing now!

And Welcome to SexBookOfTheMonth.com!