Feb 122018

“Journaling is good for you.” There are thousands of articles, studies, blogs, and even videos about all the benefits of keeping a daily appointment with a pen and a book. Things like “handle your emotions better” or “boost your creativity” or even “improve your self esteem”. All of which are good, especially when people are coming to the end of a pretty rough year and looking for resolutions to start the next one.

Except we all know that resolutions last, usually, about three days before you eat that donut, decide it’s too cold to go to the gym, dive back into the twitter stream. It’s hard to be motivated by those vague promises.

What if the payoff was better? What if the benefit of a journal was You will have better orgasms? Or maybe Your kink will be stronger, deeper, harder, and blow your mind? That’s the kind of motivation that makes a habit easier to keep up with. If your journaling in the morning makes your lover scream louder as they orgasm that night, do you think you might want to come back to the pen and paper the next day?

Finding Focus for Fantastic F*cking


That’s what makes the 365 Days of Kink journal different. You get all the benefits of journaling, and you get to spend that time every day thinking about the things that get you off. Here’s some examples:

What are three things your partner can do that are simple, easy to remember and will make you happy?

One of the most common pieces of advice sex educators give boils down to this: you have a better chance at getting what you want if you ask for it. Here’s a prompt that boils that down into an easy page of writing. The power of discovering these things, along with the ability to give them directly to your partner, can be the difference between a good mood or a bad one, and that can make the difference between a hot scene and a meh one.

If you’re single, then you are even better off, because you’ll have it ready for when you are in a relationship.

How can you tell if you are nearing, or going past your psychological limits?

Hey, nobody said these questions are easy. But that’s what makes it useful. This questions starts with an implied writing prompt: what are your psychological limits? And then you go on to figuring out how you’ll know, which in turn makes it easier to let your partner know. That’s right, once again the way to having better kinky sex is communication — and the journal gives you the chance to practice being a better communicator without all the messiness of having to talk to another person. Figuring out the where your boundaries are is what gives you the ability to play closer to the edge, better equipped to navigate the emotional risks. Once again: hotter kinky scenes.

Design a kinky retreat in a much detail as possible: where, who, what, and how often?

This is where it gets fun. Remember, this is not Fetlife, this is not a public blog; this is a bound book with paper and pen, which means nobody sees it unless you hand it to them. You can go wild, express your deepest depravity, admit to those embarrassing crushes, and let your fantasy get as hot and imaginative as you like. This is the fuel for masturbatory moments all through the year. Draw pictures of the bondage equipment you dream of, design the menu of the science-fiction-themed protocol dinner you want to have, make a list of the toys you would want to use (and as it says, where and how often) for your BDSM Getaway Fantasy. Then you can pick and choose which parts you share with partners, and see how close you can get to making it a reality.

One of the things that can keep someone from daily journaling about kink (or anything else) is the idea that “I don’t need that. I think about this stuff all the time already.” Even if that’s true, there’s a difference between daydreaming and focusing on a specific question. It’s taking these deep dives, letting the words just spill out on the pages, that really reveals things that we overlook, things we have hidden from ourselves, things that we want and didn’t even know it until the desire revealed itself in the way you answer the questions.

It’s not a journal for a particular level of experience — these are not beginning or advanced questions, these are fundamental questions that make you a better kinkster when you explore them. Primal, power exchange, fetish, or just down-and-dirty sexy, there is literally food for thought – dirty, filthy thoughts – between these pages. As the book says, this is a way to “get inspired and make kink an active part of your life!”

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Jan 312016

We had to do it… We’ve got friends, you know… and quite a few of them have read and enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey, Darker, and Freed. So after the movie came out and we all were at some point in some stage of watching it. Then came the newest book, GREY, which is the story from Christian’s perspective. One of my anonymous friends (that I’ve known 20+ years) agreed / asked to read and review the new title. She also shared it with another mutual friend of ours so I have the beauty of two perspectives on this book to share with you. Without further ado…

“I thought the book Grey was repetitive and not really that worth the effort to write it. I believe that the reason fans were interested in his point of view was to have a better understanding of his dark & stormy nature; the Fifty Shades books already gave some trite indication of that, and this didn’t move it forward in a significant way. I didn’t finish the book. The language in this book may have been slightly more palatable than the others, mostly because there is less “murmuring” than in the first book. These books are junk food, so if you read it with that filter, you can’t be too disappointed. “

“My friend told me it was so ‘good’ she couldn’t finish it… Haha…. it’s not good. Repetitive like the originals (which I read all 3) and I think I don’t like GREY as much. I’m not excited to keep reading it but I’ll probably finish it.

The male perspective is that… stereotypical sex hungry control freak. ALL he can think about is Ana’s lips around his cock. Gets old”

“This book is definitely more sexually descriptive. Apparently because it’s the man’s view…”

“Although this book is written so simply and falls so far away from any good literature, I still want to keep reading… I’m high on it… basically it’s a cheesy romance for the  times. Fabio take me away. It (kinda) sucks but I keep reading….”


GREY by E L James

Have you read GREY or the Fifty Shades Trilogy? Tell us what you thought about the books in the comments below and check out FiftyShadesRomance.com for more info.

Dec 012015

Front CoverPrincess Kali, the founder of KinkAcademy.com and famous former Dominatrix has just released her first book…

Enough To Make You Blush: Exploring Erotic Humiliation

It’s available in both paperback and Kindle Edition and you can even purchase an autographed copy here!

“Erotic humiliation goes far beyond the “Lick my boots!” stereotype. Princess Kali, a famous former Dominatrix and world-renowned Humiliatrix, throws open the dungeon doors to explore the complex desires that fuel this kind of psychological play for both dominants and submissives. Using both personal experience and extensive interviews she shares advice and detailed ideas for a broad range of embarrassing, humiliating, and degrading ways to enjoy consensual kinky fun. Also covered are important concepts such as communication, negotiation, consent, triggers, aftercare, and so much”

Reviews have all been 5 Stars!

“Erotic humiliation finally has a resource guide that every kinky person will want to own! Well-known presenter and Humiliatrix, Princess Kali, teaches you how to embrace the moments of embarrassment and pleasure to deepen scenes and relationships. Her candid and humorous true stories are the perfect compliment to the necessary safety information you must have to make erotic humiliation spark for you. She provides you with plenty of deliciously devious ideas, creative verbal assaults, subtle public play and hot displays of embarrassment and erotic shame that will leave you squirming in your seat. Enough to Make You Blush gives you a powerful item in your SM arsenal to bring your most secret ’embarrassing’ fantasies to life.”  — SubmissiveGuide.com / DominantGuide.com

“When I picked up Enough to Make You Blush I thought it was a book about what other people did. I finished it in one sitting and came away with a deeper understanding of my own kink as well as my partners. This is far more than a how-to manual. It shines a light on a misunderstood and underestimated part of the human psyche, and shows how erotic humiliation can actually bring people closer through trust, vulnerability, and strength. Whether you indulge in erotic humiliation or just want to understand kink better, you need to read this book.” — Graydancer, founder of RopeCast & RopeCraft

“An excellent treatment of an often-misunderstood topic. Highly recommended!” – Jay Wiseman, Author of SM 101: A Realistic Introduction

“A go-to guide on erotic humiliation and how to translate your most shameful fantasies into hot, respectful and consensual realities.” – Dr. Gloria Brame, author of Different Loving

“Kali is a brilliant kinkster and an excellent writer. Her stories are certainly entertaining and helpful. I strongly recommend getting this book!” – Fan on Fetlife

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Nov 192015

sweetandrough-coverSweet & Rough has been a long time coming. For years, Sinclair Sexsmith immortalized their hottest sexual adventures as erotic stories on Sugarbutch Chronicles, earning a reputation as the Internet’s queer Casanova. Writing on BDSM, polyamory, butch/femme (and occasionally my personal favorite, butch/butch) desire, Sexsmith authored the world’s largest archive of kinky, queer erotica from a genderqueer, masculine of center perspective. Now edited for our eBook and paperback reading pleasure, Sweet & Rough: Queer Smut is a rare gift. You’ll want to take this one to bed.”
—Jiz Lee, Coming Out Like a Porn Star

Nov 162015

book-pleasuresallmine-cvr-200The opening line of Julie Peakman’s The Pleasure’s All Mine: A History of Perverse Sex is, ‘One person’s perversion is another’s normality.’ Anyone who isn’t completely straight or vanilla can get behind that, I think. What feels natural to you makes your neighbour curl their lip in disgust.

Who asked for their judgmental opinion, anyway? Right?

Well, throughout history, everyone. The courts and God were the big ones, though. The ones who were really going to ruin your day with things like torture and death. They wanted to know what you were up to and how frequently and with whom so they could fry your behind. Literally. Because nothing is more fun than being in your neighbours’ business (in the name of holy justice, of course) to make sure they’re not having more fun than you are.

It was also important to be sure everyone was behaving within the current prescribed norms. Different is bad and must be punished. Of course what qualified as ‘different’ and ‘bad’ evolved throughout history. 

The Pleasure’s All Mine is about those different and bad things (read: activities to do with your no-no zone) and how public, religious and legal perceptions changed over time.

Review by Paige La Marchand, originally posted here

Mar 182014

book_PartnersinPassionIf you’re in a relationship, you need this book. If you’re single, you need this book. If you’re having sex or ever plan to have sex – good sex, hot sex, toe-curling sex – you need this book. Clear off your night stand. This is the only volume you need. – Jenny Block, author of Open

An absolute must read for everyone on this earth. – Jennifer Landa, MD, Ob/Gyn, Hormone Specialist and author of The Sex Drive Solution for Women

The smartest and most comprehensive book on partner sex and erotic relationships available today. – Barbara Carrellas, author of Urban Tantra

The most comprehensive compendium on sexuality to date. . .a book for the whole family. – Dr. Winston Wilde, sexologist, sex therapist, marriage therapist, Doctor of Human Sexuality, sex educator, author of Legacies of Love

The new Holy Grail for how to sustain sexual fire and keep loving passion alive! – Dr. Patti Britton, Clinical Sexologist & Sex Coach, author of The Art of Sex Coaching and Co-Founder of SexCoachU.com

It’s not every day that I learn something new about sex. – Ian Kerner, PhD, NY Times best-selling author of She Comes First

Jan 312014

BBE14_hiresWhen I’ve had enough, I lift myself away from his reach. I lean in and kiss his messy face, tangling tongues with him to taste my own tanginess on his lips before whispering, “Thank you; such a good boy you are.”

I stroke his hair and caress his bearded face, reveling with him in this calm moment. As a treat I reach down to play with him, wetting my palm and rubbing it tenderly on the head of his bound cock until he is thrusting up into my hand, silently asking for more. Before he can get too invested in believing I’m finished with him, I stop.

“Do you want to be untied?” He shakes he head and looks at me coyly. “Naughty thing.” I smile, pleased, and reach for several more coils of hemp rope, resting them on his chest so that he can enjoy the weight and earthy smell of them until I’m ready to put them to use.

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Jan 122014

big-book-of-orgasmsIf I had to use only three words to describe The Big Book of Orgasms they would be: Creative, Explosive, and Hot!

The stories are well-written and wonderfully curated by Rachel Kramer Bussel. While I would not call any of them vanilla, the stories range from scintillatingly “tame” all the way to jaw-droppingly kinky. The short format of each tale made reading a deliciously excruciating experience. But that was easily assuaged as it moved onto another titillating treat.

As a sexologist and sex educator, I am more than aware of and very comfortable knowing that there are some kinks or turn-ons that do not align with my own. And that is perfectly okay. That being said, and without giving anything away, there were some scenes whose themes might have squicked me out without the context, but reading this collection, they were just steamy, sexy stories.

The pansexual pairings make this an anthology that will appeal to a wide range of individuals. I happen to relish a book that holds stories of people of many sexual orientations.

The Big Book of Orgasms is one erotica anthology that I know I will come back to again and again.

If you are interested, you may order your copy here and here.

In order to be completely transparent: I received The Big Book of Orgasms for free in exchange for an unbiased review.

This review was originally posted here

Jan 122014

WebMusic roars inside Fortress nightclub. Roland dances into the night, hoping to find a brief escape from his professional life at Kansas City’s Arkum Hospital. That night he bumps into Rick, a  jet-setting executive who shares his fetish for superheroes in bondage. Together Roland and Rick travel into a world of masks, rope, and sexual slavery. That is, until monstrous transformations start raging through Roland’s body and mind, and their game of superhero fetish takes a very bad turn. Time is running out, and Roland is losing control. The only thing that can help him understand the danger he faces is a rare book that can reveal the mysteries that lie beyond the borders of pain and bondage.

How to Kill a Superhero dares to visit the darkest corners of the superhero genre, where horror, science fiction, and sex converge. This tale takes readers on a ride into the erotic they won’t soon forget.

How to Kill a Superhero: A Gay Bondage Manual is the first book in the Gold Apocalypse series, which follows the adventures of Roland in his quest to harness the powers of the Golden Man. The next two books will be released in Spring and Fall of 2014 from Beast Within Books.


“It’s the ultimate nerd-fantasy wet dream, and I am looking forward to the next volume.“ – Geeks Out

“On a whim, I bought a copy of this book.  I read in one sitting, non-stop, except for breaks where I needed to celebrate how turned on I was.  This is a hero fetishist’s fantasy, hitting on D/s, lycra/spandex, and a dozen other kinks in between.  It’s not an expensive book, either, so do the right thing and give yourself the Golden Man treatment.” – Captain Spandex Blog

“This is a totally new kink erotica book. I don’t know that there’s another book out there about these particular fetishes.“– NoSafeWord Podcast

Nov 282013

Nawashi*jujun: A Sex Mages OmnibusNawashi is an erotic urban fantasy, the story of Brian Stanford, a man who discovers that underneath the world of kink and BDSM lies a global conflict of magical forces. As he becomes involved in the struggle, he develops his own powers and allies to protect his family from the forces of the Wrinkled Man who now considers him a threat. In jujun his wife, Bec, is drawn into the struggle, captured by the Mauls, soldiers of the Wrinkled Man. Bec is taken into the dark underworld of New York’s sex trade, to be used as a pawn against her husband. But the Repressors have not accounted for her own strength, and even as she goes further into the ordeal path Bec fights her own battles. It is a fight for her body, mind, and soul – and in the dark world of sexual magic, survival may not mean victory.

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