Jun 282018

Last night was a light affair because he knew he had to work the next morning, but they still made the most of it. It was so rare their paths crossed these days, he thought to himself.

The stirring of the small noise from his side came again. He reached down to remove the blanket gently from his companion, who still slept peacefully at his side, and finally found her. Pulling back the blanket, he revealed a beautiful pale face, young and smooth. Luscious lips that wore red lipstick the night before were now bare and gorgeous in their natural beauty. They slightly parted to release a small sigh as she slept.

In the puffy duvet cocoon, her features popped against the white fabric and gave her an angelic appearance. She looked so peaceful as she slept, so young and frozen in time. Removing more of the blanket, he revealed her slender shoulders, and that little sigh came again. It brought a smile to his lips. She was somewhere in that state between awake and asleep, where you could wake up with enough effort, but easily fall back into the dreamscapes you just left. He didn’t want to disturb her, not just yet.

That crooked smile that had crossed his lips accompanied the amusement in his steel blue eyes as he admired the young woman, half his age, lying beside him. He continued to lower the blanket, now revealing her breasts that were once as pale as the rest of her, but were now swollen and held a bright, angry pink glow from the cane he had used last night to strike them. She had laid on her back, bound to the four posts of his king size bed. In this spread-eagle position, he was able to leave mark after mark, line after line, from his wooden cane.

Perfectly thin lines matched symmetrically on each breast. He admired his work for a moment before he completely removed the warm blanket she slumbered in. The cool morning air greeted her skin, and her nipples became perky and erect.

They were no doubt sore to even the softest of touches.

He wanted to take one of them in his mouth this morning and suck on it as he did the night before, then graze his teeth along the tip. This morning, even his breath would make them scream in pain, so to bite them would be a wonderful way to start the day for his lovely little masochist.

Watching her breasts rise and fall with each breath she took in her sleep, he remembered last night’s events vividly. First, his fingers had caressed her gently, rolling her nipples between his fingertips until they became red, swollen, and hard. That was when they were the most ripe to bite, and that is exactly what he did. Her screams of ecstasy from the pain only encouraged him to bite harder. She ran her fingers through his hair and pulled, but this did not deter him from his course. He would release, open his mouth wider, and envelop a mouthful of her soft breast with his teeth and bite down hungrily.

He bit her much more deeply than he would any other partner because he knew this one could take it—this one was different. He could have drawn blood and she would have gently pushed him away, tasted it on her fingertips, and then pulled him back to whisper in his ear to continue. This girl was special.

While that particularly deep bite mark made the left breast different from the right, still bearing his teeth marks this morning, they were nearly identical as she laid next to him. As his eyes traveled from her face and down her body, he could feel her body heat radiate against him. The scent of sex, sweat, and natural body pheromones escaped in a musky wafts as lowered the blanket to the floor, fully revealing her naked body.

Her pussy was waxed and clean. Looking at it now only made his already hard cock ache with desire. Her thighs were covered in beautiful welts that would soon turn black and blue. They would then fade to a sickly yellowish green before their eventual departure from the skin.

Having played with her often enough, he knew these marks would only last five or six days maximum, and when he saw her again they would be long gone and he would have the pleasure of starting over again on a clean canvass. That is, if she didn’t find someone before him to leave new ones.

She was his go-to girl, what he considered his primary, but with the life he led, he didn’t have time for her as much as he wanted, and certainly not as much as she deserved.

He also damned well knew he didn’t deserve her. A man his age, currently kissing fifty years old on the ass next month with a job that kept him away all hours of the day and night, he didn’t deserve such a luxury. In fact, he was probably the last person worthy of her company.

She, however, was popular amongst the kink and polyamory circles alike. The fact she threw him a bone at all made him grateful. She could have anyone she wanted any day of the week, man or woman, and for all he knew, she did. But on their nights together she chose him, and hell if he knew why.

There had been many nights when he had requested her company and she had arrived with marks, both fresh and old, but he never asked about them and she never divulged their origin. Other times she would have cuts along her skin, some shallow and resembling scratches, others running deeper and still bandaged. Once again, don’t ask don’t tell. It wasn’t their way.

That was one of the cornerstones of their dynamic. Love had absolutely nothing to do with what they had; it was purely primal and sensual. They weren’t indebted to each other in the slightest, and they didn’t owe the other a single thing, far be it an explanation for the marks that graced her body. When they were together, it was their time to embrace the other’s company—nothing else, and no one else, mattered.

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Jan 312016

We had to do it… We’ve got friends, you know… and quite a few of them have read and enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey, Darker, and Freed. So after the movie came out and we all were at some point in some stage of watching it. Then came the newest book, GREY, which is the story from Christian’s perspective. One of my anonymous friends (that I’ve known 20+ years) agreed / asked to read and review the new title. She also shared it with another mutual friend of ours so I have the beauty of two perspectives on this book to share with you. Without further ado…

“I thought the book Grey was repetitive and not really that worth the effort to write it. I believe that the reason fans were interested in his point of view was to have a better understanding of his dark & stormy nature; the Fifty Shades books already gave some trite indication of that, and this didn’t move it forward in a significant way. I didn’t finish the book. The language in this book may have been slightly more palatable than the others, mostly because there is less “murmuring” than in the first book. These books are junk food, so if you read it with that filter, you can’t be too disappointed. “

“My friend told me it was so ‘good’ she couldn’t finish it… Haha…. it’s not good. Repetitive like the originals (which I read all 3) and I think I don’t like GREY as much. I’m not excited to keep reading it but I’ll probably finish it.

The male perspective is that… stereotypical sex hungry control freak. ALL he can think about is Ana’s lips around his cock. Gets old”

“This book is definitely more sexually descriptive. Apparently because it’s the man’s view…”

“Although this book is written so simply and falls so far away from any good literature, I still want to keep reading… I’m high on it… basically it’s a cheesy romance for the  times. Fabio take me away. It (kinda) sucks but I keep reading….”


GREY by E L James

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Jan 182016

disorientation18 Our first date was at a vegan restaurant in Echo Park; our second, at an S&M club. I’d never had any particular interest in BDSM: I hadn’t grown up with a spanking fetish, and I wasn’t turned on by leather.

But I’d seen Secretary, and the occasional S&M porn, and I’d gone to a bondage show at Burning Man — so the concept intrigued me. Surely there was something to it — I just wasn’t sure what.

I dressed in black shirt and dark pants, as the dress code suggested, and parked on an industrial street by the LAX airport. A man at the front desk collected the entry fee and asked me to sign a liability waiver.

“Remember,” he said, “always get permission before joining a scene. And blood is off-limits.”

The night’s event was a cabaret performance, themed around superheroes and science fiction; it was also a “play party”, which meant that participants could, if they chose, continue the action in semi-private rooms.

Most of the crowd was dressed up in some kind of costume or another: not the traditional leather and chains that I’d expected, but kinky space suits and superhero outfits, like a sexed-up cosplay convention.

On the stage, a man in a Severus Snape costume casually whipped a woman dressed as Harry Potter. Nearby, a scantily-clad Lt. Ripley stood guarding a shackled man resembling Charlton Heston from Planet of the Apes.

When Ophelia arrived, we each ordered a drink and sat to watch some of the show. While I knew that she had a kinky side, she explained, in a bit more detail, that she liked to tie up and dominate skinny young men like me.

“Dominate?” I asked.

She nodded. “I love finding new submissives to play with.”

I wasn’t entirely sure what she meant by that — did that mean she wanted to fuck me? — but I didn’t know how to ask without getting too personal.

We wandered about the club, poking our heads into this room and that. Some of the rooms were themed: a classroom, a doctor’s office. There was less nudity than I’d thought there would be; the scenes were more erotic than overtly sexual.

In one room, a woman whipped a half-dressed man tied to a St. Andrew’s cross. In another, a guy my own age stood above a blindfolded girl tied down on a bed. He was slowly and methodically swatting at her breasts and crotch with what looked like a miniature flyswatter. She moaned appreciatively.

Could I be that guy, I wondered? Could I learn to give pleasure to a woman in that way? Or was this what Ophelia wanted to do to me? I didn’t know which role I identified with; maybe, as Ophelia kindly suggested, I was a switch. I admitted that I might be willing to let her tie me up.

She smiled and looked me up and down, as if considering the possibilities. “I promise, it won’t hurt a bit.”



A few nights later, I drove to her apartment; she welcomed me with a glass of white wine and a playlist of Leonard Cohen songs. We lit a joint and sat on the couch for a bit. “Should I get my ropes?” she asked.

She led me to an upright chair, tied a handkerchief over my eyes, and began to loop several ropes around my arms and legs. I felt her hands tightening the knots, her full concentration and attention on me.

A wave of relaxation washed over me. This was an impulse that I hadn’t even known I’d had, a desire that had been lying dormant in me — to let a woman take control over me and take possession of my body.

She picked up a glass of wine and pressed it to my lips, forcing me to drink. Then she reversed the process, loosening the ropes and untying me.

“What did you think?” she asked.

“I felt … relaxed,” I said. “It was … meditative … ” I immediately regretted my choice of words. I hadn’t been sure, when we’d made plans, whether this had been intended as a platonic bondage lesson or a more sensual encounter — but surely relaxed was not the right answer.

She tied me up again, in a different position, with me lying on the floor, my range of motion more constrained. I felt anxious and aroused at once. It was a trance-like moment; neither of us spoke until she’d untied me again.

We sat back down on the couch, pausing to relight the joint. She looked at me over her glass of white wine. “How about if I tie you up with nothing on?”

My eyes widened. An hour or so had passed since I’d arrived, and the weed and wine had given the night a dream-like, fantastical quality. “Sure,” I mumbled.

We moved into the bedroom, where I took off my shirt and pants and then paused, aware of the hard-on beneath my boxers. “Literally everything?”

She nodded, so I took them off, too, and lay face-down on the white, fluffy comforter. She tied my hands gently to the bedpost.

I caught a glimpse of her undressing from the corner of my eye, saw a flash of her breasts in the bedroom mirror, and then felt her body on top of mine, soft and firm, as she lowered herself close to my upper back and shoulders.

She snapped the ropes against my back, running their rough strands up and down my body. I felt myself shivering, cold and naked and excited. And then, finally, she untied me and turned me over, hands on my cock, and grabbed a condom from the bedside drawer, wordlessly slipping it on.

My body rose up to meet hers, mouth reaching upward toward her breasts, hands on her sides, cock sliding easily inside of her.

We moved slowly at first, still meditative, in no hurry to orgasm; and then gained speed, my throat making sounds that I hadn’t heard in years, echoed by her own soft and rhythmic breathing.

I felt an alignment of physical and mental and emotional connection that I’d been waiting for for so long: this was sex as I’d always imagined it — rich in context and full of meaning — in a way that made all of my previous adventures seem out-dated, over-written, obsolete.


Sanctuary: My Night at an S&M Club

an excerpt from The Pansexual Labyrinth: A Polyamorous Search for Love and Connection

by Saul Of-Hearts

Twitter: @saulofhearts

website: multi.love

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Dec 012015

Front CoverPrincess Kali, the founder of KinkAcademy.com and famous former Dominatrix has just released her first book…

Enough To Make You Blush: Exploring Erotic Humiliation

It’s available in both paperback and Kindle Edition and you can even purchase an autographed copy here!

“Erotic humiliation goes far beyond the “Lick my boots!” stereotype. Princess Kali, a famous former Dominatrix and world-renowned Humiliatrix, throws open the dungeon doors to explore the complex desires that fuel this kind of psychological play for both dominants and submissives. Using both personal experience and extensive interviews she shares advice and detailed ideas for a broad range of embarrassing, humiliating, and degrading ways to enjoy consensual kinky fun. Also covered are important concepts such as communication, negotiation, consent, triggers, aftercare, and so much”

Reviews have all been 5 Stars!

“Erotic humiliation finally has a resource guide that every kinky person will want to own! Well-known presenter and Humiliatrix, Princess Kali, teaches you how to embrace the moments of embarrassment and pleasure to deepen scenes and relationships. Her candid and humorous true stories are the perfect compliment to the necessary safety information you must have to make erotic humiliation spark for you. She provides you with plenty of deliciously devious ideas, creative verbal assaults, subtle public play and hot displays of embarrassment and erotic shame that will leave you squirming in your seat. Enough to Make You Blush gives you a powerful item in your SM arsenal to bring your most secret ’embarrassing’ fantasies to life.”  — SubmissiveGuide.com / DominantGuide.com

“When I picked up Enough to Make You Blush I thought it was a book about what other people did. I finished it in one sitting and came away with a deeper understanding of my own kink as well as my partners. This is far more than a how-to manual. It shines a light on a misunderstood and underestimated part of the human psyche, and shows how erotic humiliation can actually bring people closer through trust, vulnerability, and strength. Whether you indulge in erotic humiliation or just want to understand kink better, you need to read this book.” — Graydancer, founder of RopeCast & RopeCraft

“An excellent treatment of an often-misunderstood topic. Highly recommended!” – Jay Wiseman, Author of SM 101: A Realistic Introduction

“A go-to guide on erotic humiliation and how to translate your most shameful fantasies into hot, respectful and consensual realities.” – Dr. Gloria Brame, author of Different Loving

“Kali is a brilliant kinkster and an excellent writer. Her stories are certainly entertaining and helpful. I strongly recommend getting this book!” – Fan on Fetlife

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Nov 282013

Nawashi*jujun: A Sex Mages OmnibusNawashi is an erotic urban fantasy, the story of Brian Stanford, a man who discovers that underneath the world of kink and BDSM lies a global conflict of magical forces. As he becomes involved in the struggle, he develops his own powers and allies to protect his family from the forces of the Wrinkled Man who now considers him a threat. In jujun his wife, Bec, is drawn into the struggle, captured by the Mauls, soldiers of the Wrinkled Man. Bec is taken into the dark underworld of New York’s sex trade, to be used as a pawn against her husband. But the Repressors have not accounted for her own strength, and even as she goes further into the ordeal path Bec fights her own battles. It is a fight for her body, mind, and soul – and in the dark world of sexual magic, survival may not mean victory.

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